Our offer of foils includes polypropylene CAST and BOPP films.

PP films are characterized by high transparency and gloss, they are more temperature resistant than PE films which make them suitable for sterilization at high temperatures.

BOPP (biaxially oriented film) is obtained by two-axis stretching of the polypropylene film (longitudinally and transversely). Biaxial orientation increases tensile strength and stiffness, reduces elongation (harder stretching), improves optical and barrier properties. BOPP is an excellent alternative to cellophane, wax paper and aluminum foil. Due to its properties, it has a very wide use in the food and packaging industry where high transparency, organoleptic, barrier and thermo-sealing properties are required.


It has a very wide application in flexible packaging as well as in non-packaging applications. The properties of the film can be adapted to the specific packaging, performance and processing requirements. Cast film has very high tear and low temperature resistance and very good thermal-adhesive properties.

We offer BOPP and CAST films of various sizes and thickness for most applications ready for pick up from stock. In addition to films available on stock, we are constantly updating our offer in accordance with our customers’ needs.

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